Does the price include Plans?

-        Yes.  Sealed Architectural Drawings covering our described work     
                  are included in the building price.  

Do I need a permit?

-        Yes.  Please call your Township Construction Office to get your Zoning Rules for Set           
                 Backs  and Restrictions.  A building permit package will be prepared by our office,
                 and is included in our building with a signed Contract.

What does the Permit Package include?

-        Completed Building Sub-code Permit Application and Jacket
-        Sealed Roof Truss Drawings
-        NJ Architectural Sealed Drawings
-        Copy of Insurance Certification
-        Copy of Contractor’s License

How long will it take to put up my building?

-        The Post Frame System moves very fast.
-        Example :  A building 30 ' Wide X 40 ' Long 12 ' High, with Metal Roofing, Siding and Trim
                          would take approximately
4 days.  Approximate Build Time for your project can be
                          estimated upon discussion of your project.
Frequently Asked Questions
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